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Current Weight----- 287 lbs

5% Goal-----273 lbs
10% Goal----258 lbs

Goal Weight-----145 lbs

Friday, April 9, 2010


So I know this weigh in day is going to suck, between the easter candy and the fact that I have been finding it very hard to work out on a daily basis....Grrrr. anyways here goes nothing....

Weight last week: 307 todays weight: 306

Woohoo I lost 1 lb, now I am also disappointed in this result, I was hoping for a bigger weight loss,but I will take what I can get. I attribute this to that damn easter candy, which btw I have finally stopped snacking on. If anyone else wants to share their weigh in today please feel free, either on the facebook page or comment this blog, lets keep eachother motivated.


Breakfast: Peach flavored oatmeal, coffee, and sandwich thins toaster

Lunch: Panera sanwich

Snack: Graham crackers

Dinner: gardenburger with sandwich thin as bun, sliced red potatos sauteed.

So one of my Fabulous blog readers/facebook fans took the TORTILLA CASSEROLE to a new level. I am going to share this recipe with you today

Yummy this sounds delish. I am going to be trying it out this week. let me know what you guys think

2 can fat free refried beans
2 can whole kernel corn
1 can sliced mushrooms
2 can diced tomatoes with chilis
12 6" corn tortillas ... See More
1 bag of Fat Free Cheddar Cheese
Fat Free Sour Cream
White Rice - we made extras to have later

Since we decided not to use any meat, we doubled up on the veggies that we used. This allowed the casserole to fill up more. Preheat the oven to 350. Begin cooking rice early as this will likely take the longest to cook. Mix beans, corn, mushrooms & tomatoes together in a large pot or skillet until warm; this will be the filling. Lay 6 Tortillas in a large baking dish, covering the bottom. Spread your filling over top of the tortillas and lay the remaining 6 tortillas, covering the top of the filling. Evenly spread cheese over the tortillas. Cook in oven on 350 for apx 30-40 minutes or until golden brown on top.

To serve:
Lay some rice in the bottom of your bowl or plate then dish out the casserole and place on top of rice. Add a dollop of sour cream over top of the meal with salsa to your liking

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